Thursday, June 11, 2009

Suggestions Please!

I was cleaning out some papers and found this:

Ashlie's wish paper from 1st grade. It was so sweet, I couldn't part with it. It says "I wish I could be like Jesis to go back to hevin"

Suggestions or advice on what to do with all these wonderful school papers? I have so many, I don't knwo what to do with them!


Char said...

I have one of those accordian fills for each kid with a slot for each grade. I let them help me decide what to keep, but I do get to overrule them.


Char said...

files. not fills. duh.

Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

I have an awesome printer that I scan papers like this into my computer. My printer also prints on disks so I can save them forever (gold disks). If you don't have a disk writer you can go to costco, kinkos and have them put on a disk (if you've scanned them onto a zip drive). I still keep the originals in a file though.

Casey said...

I just save what is important in a binder with sheet protector's. So far it is just pre-school for me though, so I think I like Char's idea,one slot for each grade!