Sunday, October 30, 2011

October is Over (Almost)

Happy end of October to you all!
The temps have cooled off 
(I have turned into a St. George weather snob. It hit 60 and I'm freezing!!)
The skies are a clear, beautiful blue. It finally feels like fall.
Here are a few things we've been up to in Sunny St. George!
I'll set it up for you.  Driving home after cramming 6 hours for a test.
My brain was done.  I'd had it.  I pull up to the light and see this.
Car full of stuffed animals.  Not just in the back, but the dash as well.
There were more stuffed animals in there than a toy store.
I laughed so hard I peed my pants (which I do most days).
Guess you had to be there to see how funny it was.

Cam and our friend Zach at our ward Halloween Party.
Zach is the nicest kid you'll ever meet.  If you can't tell, he is dressed
as Edward from Twilight.  We love Zach.

Ashlie and Adriana dressed as Malibu Barbie
PERFECT match.  Though I prefer her Slurpie costume from last year.
Cam in a recycled HOBO costume.  Complete with his own toilet(s).
Every hobo carries his own toilet filled with slime, I was informed.
Cam was a little sad.  Last year he was a Hobo with his BFF Keller.
This year he had to go it solo.  We miss Keller.
And yes, back by popular demand (by my family, of course)
the Nacho mask made its annual appearance.  We can't have a
Halloween without it.  And we wanted to send a pic of it to Auntie Les.
She loves Nacho Libre as much as we do!

Pumpkin carving is a success again.
We have a ninja, a scary guy and a normal guy 
(their words, not mine)

"Die, pumpkin, die"  were the exact words, I believe.
I might need to be worried.
And finally, a teenager learning to drive.
Can I just take time back, move it back, roll it back, whatever I have to do
to make her a little kid again?  I'm not loving this.
In fact, tearing up at the thought of my baby being SO OLD

Scariest thing we have experienced so far as parents!
Notice Chris is in the passenger's seat and I am behind the camera?
I don't have the patience.  Seems a big THANK YOU needs to go out
to my dad, my own personal driving tutor and coach.
There she is, in her inherited Green Booger.
Heaven help us!

Another month has come to an end.
Can't say I'm sad.  I am really tired of studying.
And I am really ready to take a break from being a student
and going back to being a MOM for a few weeks.
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