Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chocolate Anyone?

I gained weight over fall semester.  A LOT of weight.
(Stress and surgeries suck!!!!) 
So much weight I can't fit into any of my clothes.  
So now I mostly wear sweats.  
It's awesome.  And I do mean AWESOME. 
So here I am, back where I started.  
Back to the nutritionist and trainer. 
Back to eating every two hours.  
Yum, you say?  No, not so much.   
My diet now consists of vegetables, fruits and protein shakes.  
It's worth it, right?  

I'll let you know in 3 months and $$$$ later.

Dear, sweet chocolate, shall we ever meet again??????


Wendy said...

I wouldn't have guessed you gained any weight! You look beautiful! And, btw, chocolate, dark, is a medical necessity at least once a day.

Mikki said...

Where is it at???? You finger??? You always look amazing.