Monday, May 24, 2010

May Days

Another month has virtually flown by - here's what we've been up to at our house:

Mom finished finals (and passed, hooray!!)

We celebrated with a week-long rest at The Grand Mayan in Cancun with mom, dad, Auntie Les and Uncle Randy. Dare I say best trip ever?? Good times were had by all - with the exception of diarrhea day . . .

(Ashlie, Tia, Brax and Ty - cousins and fellow violinists, Cam, Tay and Laureen, our fabulous piano coach)

Violin recitals, principal pride and piano graduation - all in the same week! Ashlie played a beautiful rendition of Mosquito Dance and Pacabel's Canon, Cameron was "prided" at school for getting (yet, again) 100 percent on his spelling test and darling, ever so talented Tay received her Suzuki graduation for level 5. Only two books left and she is finished with her Suzuki literature! Feeling very much like a proud mama this week. All three kids - amazing accomplishments!

Now mom is back in school (studying chemistry - not a fan), kids are preparing to go "off-track" for the last time (sounds like year-round school is in our past, not our future - another hooray) and our dad is itching to get the boat out. Not likely to happen as we woke up to snow - in May!

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kir said...

Fun pics from a fun and warm week down south!! Nothing like getting back to reality here with an end of May snow storm!!
Your kids are great--so impressed with Taylor's amazing piano skills!! Morg starts lessons today and is so thrilled...
Good luck with the chemistry--it's just one of those things that has to be done, and then you can be done--hooray!!