Monday, August 17, 2009


I have a teenager!
Taylor turned 13 today. I can't believe my 6 lb, 15 oz, 20 inch long baby is 13! Here are some fun facts about Taylor:

She is definitely a morning person - just like her mom.

She strikes an amazing resemblance to a monkey...

She looks just like her mom - until you meet her dad! She is the spitting image of her father - right down to the same sausage-size fingers.

Taylor has an incredible talent for the piano. She gets herself up at 5:30 a.m (during the school year, of course) and practices ON HER OWN before school. I know, pretty amazing for a kid.

Taylor's favorite food is smothered burritos from La Frontera. Every time we go there she licks (literally) the plate clean!
Taylor's absolute favorite thing to do is to go shopping for clothes (I know, can you believe that?) Her favorite store is Aeropostale.

Taylor is a pretty good kid. She hardly ever gets in trouble with the law (there was that one time on her pocket bike...) (Just kidding.)

Taylor spends tons of time with her BFF Morgan (Taylor's mom absolutely ADORES Morgan!!!) They especially love the chocolate fountain - (who doesn't?!)

Taylor is very good at taking candid photos of herself. And of miscellaneous objects...

Happy Birthday Taylor!!


Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday Taylor! Hope it is fabulous!!!

Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Taylor!!! You can add to that list that she is an awesome babysitter that my kids just adore!!!! Happy Birthday Taylor...YOU ROCK!

Char said...

Happy day after you birthday, Taylor! You are hilarious!

Casey said...

Happy birthday you beautiful girl!

kir said...

(1st of all this is Morgan talking not Kirsten ok:)HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 U!
hope u had a GR8 DAY!
oh and by the way Kristene I ADORE u 2!:)
Taylor is 1 of my BFF'S 2!!!!!!