Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

For those of you (Char and Casey) that played the "fun things" on my blog, I hope you enjoyed the cookies! For the rest of you, this is what you missed . . . yummy! Notice the wrapping - because as Darin always says, "presentation is everything"!

This is my final attempt at Valentine box perfection. Camp Rock/Jonas Brothers for Ashlie. Thank heavens I only had to do two because my fingers have had it. I have burned all the skin off two fingers with the hot glue gun. (Very coordinated.) But Ashlie is happy with it, so that is all that matters. Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Char said...

You know I enjoyed them.

This next part may surprise you....BC didn't actually make Keller's Valentine box. I caved and did it.

Amy said...

You are way too cute. :)

tam said...

Aw man...I wish I would have checked this sooner so I could have signed up for it! Those cookies look DELISH!!! are now my Guitar Hero singing idol!!